Marketing Guidelines

Financial services providers have strict rules and standards about what we can and can’t say to attract prospective clients. As a partner, you are required to meet these same rules and standards.

This guide supplements the partners agreement to practically explain how we allow you to promote the Global Prime brand to attract referrals without infringing on Global Prime’s intellectual property rights, impersonate or misrepresent Global Prime, cause confusion in the marketplace about your relationship with Global Prime, and important measures to ensure compliance with ASIC RG 234 and other financial services laws.

Please note that this guide must be read with the partners agreement and not instead of it. Understanding the agreement in its entirety is essential prior to agreeing to terms and we encourage our partners to seek clarification from our team if required.

Absolutely no ‘Passing off’

  • The main thing that must be avoided by the Partner during the course of service is ‘passing off.’
  • Passing off essentially means pretending to be Global Prime or some part of Global Prime.
  • Passing off refers to a partner misrepresenting themselves and the program they provide as being a part of Global Prime, i.e., the partner makes it appear as though they are a representative of Global Prime and/or that they are acting in an official capacity for Global Prime and or that Global Prime endorses their actions and activities.
  • The referral relationship between the Partner and Global Prime should be made clear in all interactions with clients and marketing material. The Partner must not present to the client as an employee of Global Prime such as a marketing manager or a technical support representative.

With that in mind, here are some examples of references that should be avoided when promoting the Global Prime brand:

  • Declaring that the Partner is under the direct employment of Global Prime
  • Declaring that the Partners is an exclusive representative of Global Prime
  • The partner representing itself as Global Prime
  • The referral relationship between the Partner and Global Prime should be made clear in all interactions with clients and marketing material. The Partner must not present to the client as an employee of Global Prime such as a marketing manager or a technical support representative.
  • Using logos, color schemes, visuals or phrases from the Global Prime website without the express written consent of Global Prime
  • Usage of company names/look-feel, structure, wording, visuals that may be confused with Global Prime

General rules - marketing

  • Partners are not permitted to set up websites, domain names or social media profiles using any of our trademarks such that it would be considered ‘passing off’.
  • No bidding on branded keywords such as “Global Prime” or any similar variations.
  • Partners are only permitted to use official Global Prime marketing tools provided in the partners portal. This includes banners, widgets, infographics, logos and so on.
  • Usage of Global Prime marketing material and visuals without the express written permission of Global Prime
  • Keyword manipulation on portals, webpages or search engines that may conflict with Global Prime’s interests or keywords.

General rules – statements, claims, references, advice

Please refrain from using the following in your advertising or marketing material:

  • Statements that there is little or no risk to trading CFDs.
  • Statements about possible outcomes or returns should be avoided entirely.
  • Promises of any type should be avoided entirely.
  • Statements that are materially false or materially misleading and are likely to induce a person to apply for the product.
  • Conduct that’s misleading or deceptive or is likely to mislead or deceive.
  • Any regulatory body’s logo or representation that the material / advice / product / service is approved by a regulator.
  • Statements that intend to understate the risks and overstate the benefits of trading; or statements/actions that can mislead with respect to the characteristics of a financial product in an effort to convey that the financial product is fit for their purpose.
  • Global Prime offers general market information and updates to our clients; however, Global Prime does not provide clients with personal trading advice. This includes information that takes into account their personal circumstances, financial situation or needs. Partners should refrain from doing so unless they carry the correct financial services authorizations to do so; and
  • If the partner makes a representation that can be construed as an opinion or advice, the partner shall disclose that the representation does not reflect the opinions or outlooks of Global Prime or any of its official representatives.

Benefits and risks

  • Regulators like to see a balance between the benefits and risks of a product when it is being promoted.
  • It's important to provide a balanced view of a product and not disproportionately represent the benefits over the risks in obtaining those benefits.
  • All marketing material must contain a sufficiently prominent risk warning / disclaimer that's consistent with the rest of the advertisement.
  • All marketing material that makes reference to past performance shall include a statement indicating that ‘Past performance does not guarantee future performance.’
  • Statements that make reference to a benefit that is likely to change if circumstances change shall include a disclaimer that circumstances may change which can result in a different outcome.
  • Statements that pertain to a financial outlook, opinion or strategy shall include a sufficient disclaimer that said statements are of the opinion of the partner and do not reflect the outlook of Global Prime or any of its representatives: and
  • Said statements can be affected by inaccurate assumptions, known or unknown risks and uncertainties and may differ in whole or in part from the benefit described.
  • All statements made in an effort to inform the public shall only be represented if there are reasonable grounds with which to support the perspective statement. A lack of reasonable grounds can lead to perspective statements being taken to be misleading.

Target audience

  • Please consider the likely audience of the advertising material and ensure that the information provided is appropriate for that audience.
  • The advertisement shouldn’t state or imply that a product is suitable for a particular class of consumers.
  • Don’t target people under the age of 18 years.
  • An updated list of restricted countries can be found on the live account signup page.
  • Do not make any statements that intend to influence the public into thinking that the trading of financial products will lead to fast income; any and all statements about the benefits of trading must include the relevant disclaimer/warning pertaining to the risks involved.

Expected Standard of Carrying Out Services

At Global Prime, we hold ourselves to the highest standards. We take pride in differentiating ourselves from the market by providing total transparency and top tier service to every single client, with the basis of our relationships formed in honesty and a commitment do to right by our clients. As a Partner of Global Prime, you have the responsibility to maintain these standards during the course of your services and in all Global Prime related aspects of your promotion. With that we look forward to cultivating a prosperous and productive relationship with you.

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