When are IB rebates paid?

IB rebates are paid the day after a client closes an FX trade. For example, if the client closes their FX trade on Monday, the IB rebate would be paid on Tuesday.

Do you have a minimum payout?

The minimum payout amount is USD$500. If your fee balance is less than USD$500 for a given month, the balance will be carried over and added to your fee entitlement for the following month. Fees are due to be paid within 15 days of the end of each calendar month, provided that your fee balance is over USD$500.

How do Affiliate payments work?

The amount you get paid for each goal is based on the Country Tiers. There are four goals and the amounts for each goal will add together. The breakdown will be displayed next to each goal within the Offer Details section of the tracking platform. You can use any link and it’ll automatically redirect to the correct tier and language for you, depending on the IP address and browser settings of the person clicking on your link.

What type of payment structures do you offer?

We offer several different payment structures to suit your needs. When you open your account, your Account Manager will be in touch to help you decide on the payment structure that works best for you.